Gustav Klimt – Fischblut (Blood of Fish) 1897 – 98

Gustav Klimt Fischblut Blood of fish

Known as one of Austria’s most famous painters, and renowned as an important founder ofthe Vienna Secession in 1897, Gustav Klimt remains a significant figure in art history. Piecesincluding The Kiss (1908 – 09) and Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907) are often celebrated as hisbest, and Klimt continues to be admired and revered throughout the art … Read more

Gustav Klimt – Silhouette I & II (1912)

Gustav Klimt - Silhouette I & II (1912)

Remembered for his role in co-founding the Vienna Secession in 1897 after splitting fromthe city’s premiere society of artists, Gustav Klimt remains a significant figure for art history,both for his own artwork and for his influence on the Austrian Expressionist painter EgonSchiele. Klimt’s ‘Golden Phase’ was without doubt the most successful artistic period of his … Read more

Gustav Klimt – The Lovers (1913)

Gustav Klimt The Lovers 1913

Gustav Klimt continues to be remembered and celebrated for his art, as well as his role as aco-founder of the Vienna Secession. Although Klimt has gained significant notoriety andsignificance as an artist and figure in art history during the contemporary era, his work wasoften dismissed as too erotic, sensual, and sexual at the time of … Read more

Gustav Klimt – Portrait of a Young Woman (1896-7)

Gustav Klimt – Portrait of a Young Woman

Though a figure of controversy during his life, Austrian artist Gustav Klimt remains one ofthe most significant characters in art history to this day. Celebrated for pieces including TheKiss (1908 – 09) and Adele Bloch-Bauer I (1907), Klimt is also remembered for his boldrefusal to adhere to Austrian society’s conservatism, and his insistence on privileging … Read more

Tannenwald – Pine Forest by Gustav Klimt


The maestro of the Vienna Secession, Gustav Klimt, is renowned for his golden paintings of fantastical animals, opulent ornamentation, and stunning ladies. However, he also had a lesser-known side known as the Waldschrat, a lone resident of the woods.  Between 1901 and 1904, Klimt produced several breathtaking paintings of various types of wood, sometimes in … Read more

Gustav Klimt Water Serpents I – Magnificent Artwork

Water Serpents l

The lovely and meticulously rendered representations of ladies in Water Serpents I and II are typical of the outstanding Austrian artist – Gustav Klimt. A magical mix of light, vibrant, and dark colors makes the whole piece even more magnificent. The golden color of the women’s hair adds even more charm. Details Of Gustav Klimt … Read more