Gustav Klimt Beethoven Frieze – Majestic Monumental Allegory

Gustav Klimt Beethoven Frieze

Gustav Klimt has been famous for creating images of exquisite female portraiture, seductive and perilous settings, and ornamental themes with gold accents. But if you’ve ever seen Vienna’s renowned Secession building, which is now a gallery for modern art, you could also picture a massive gorilla wearing a turban. The gorilla is a mythical giant … Read more

Gustav Klimt Danae – A Metaphor For The Transforming Power of Divine Love

Gustav Klimt Danae

What have you heard about the Greek symbol of modesty, Danae? Well, for centuries, Danae was a popular inspirational and mythological figure for artists. It turns out that Gustav Klimt was no exception.  Klimt created his interpretation of Danae in 1907. This painting is an ideal representation of transcendence and heavenly love and is quite … Read more

Gustav Klimt – Malcesine on Lake Garda

Gustav Klimt Malcesine on Lake Garda

Although Gustav Klimt’s landscape paintings are less well recognized, they are nonetheless a very important part of his body of work. One of his best-known locations is Malcesine on Lake Garda. The piece is an extraordinary fusion of his firm, vibrant creative style with the breathtaking surroundings of where he would work. Egon Schiele, a … Read more

Gustav Klimt Hope II – Unique Artwork Portraying Pregnant Woman

Gustav Klimt Hope II

A wide variety of elements, including ancient Greek art, Byzantine mosaics, and late-medieval painting, had a significant impact on Klimt’s highly ornamental, sensual female figures. One of Klimt’s amazing paintings, dating back to 1907, is Hope II.  Including Hope II, his work embodied the understated erotic, psychological, and aesthetic preoccupations of fin-de-siècle Viennese intellectuals as … Read more

Gustav Klimt Death and Life – Allegorical Artwork

Gustav Klimt Death and Life

Gustav Klimt is a well-known artist who managed to create paintings that are significantly important to today’s art world. One of the most recognizable paintings in all of art history is his piece “The Kiss.” His work promoted Austrian art as a key player in the Vienna Secession. One of their most impressive symbolic paintings … Read more